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Why building a duplex is a sound investment strategy versus buying an apartment

People looking at duplex alternatives are often comparing them to apartments, but this can be the same as comparing apples to oranges. There is a wide range of benefits in building a duplex versus buying an apartment, whether it be existing or off the plan.A dual-occupancy duplex development is a good way to get started in the property development market. By building a duplex, you have the potential to rent the properties out, sell both homes or use one as an income-earning property while living in the other.The central benefit of a duplex is that it has more land component size and value than an apartment. Historically properties with a higher land component value appreciate faster.According to, aside from it being a sounds property investment strategy, there are also many physical comforts duplex homes can offer that apartments cannot.

In a duplex, privacy is increased and noise is greatly reduced. You only have one neighbour versus the potential to be literally surrounded by neighbours (and their noise) in an apartment block.

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Home and land packages at Middleton Grange: Brand new and ready for you

Conveniently located close to transport, shops, schools and business centres, Middleton Grange is one of Sydney’s newest and most vibrant neighbourhoods, with exciting plans for the future. The area is located close to the M7 Motorway, Cowpasture Road and Hoxton Park Road. Bus services run from Liverpool to Middleton Grange via the Carnes Hill Marketplace shopping centre, which is located in the adjoining suburb of Carnes Hill.

Eagle Homes has been building homes in Middleton Grange for many years and there are already many Eagle Homes families enjoying the Middleton Grange lifestyle.

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Spotlight on Brolga 6 bedroom homes

Eagle Homes celebrates the diversity of Australian families by offering home floor plans and designs in a wide range of sizes, including the 6 bedroom Brolga family home. The Brolga 6 bedroom double-storey home is a popular choice for families who may have more than the Australian average of 2.4 children, or who simply like a lot of space for friends and family to be able to stay.

Australians choose to live in the world’s largest houses, with an average size of 243 square metres. In fact, the average size of a new Australian house increased from 162.2 square metres to 227.6 square metres between 1984 and 2003.That’s a jump of 40%. The average new Australian home is now even 10% bigger than its US equivalent. 

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Living large in a smaller space – could you live in a granny flat?

For many, the image of a granny flat is a rectangular shed style structure hastily constructed in the backyard with little thought to layout or planning. However, modern granny flats designed by Eagle Homes are far from it.Architecturally designed to make the most of open plan, entertainment space, storage, and living quarters, granny flats from Eagle Homes mean you can still live large even in a smaller space. Well-designed and innovative granny flats from Eagle Homes highlight and feature a range of clever living options so residents don’t feel cramped or like they are living in a box. Featuring ensuites, open plan kitchens and room for guests to relax and enjoy, enquire today about the range of granny flat designs from Eagle Homes.

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Why you need a builder you can trust

The process of building a home can be a complex one for first home builders or even those who have built before. Planning, design, engineer drawings, setbacks, ratios etc. - it’s all part of the process before construction has even started.While there are many steps, it doesn’t have to take over your life and overwhelm you along the way. Eagle Homes works with all our home builders at every step of the process, helping and guiding through any complicated matters from small or narrow blocks, floor plans, council approvals, and even granny flat additions or duplex rebuilds.The demand in the market - especially in Sydney - over the last 12–18 months has seen a slew of new builders pop up in the market with very little experience in building quality family homes.With the market reporting that demand is slowing down, there is a real concern that these same new-to-the-market builders won’t be around in another 12-18 months’ time to honour any warranties or defects on homes they have built. Eagle Homes has been a Sydney home builder for over 30 years. In fact, just last year we celebrated this milestone by releasing the Eagle 30, a 4 bedroom family home that could be built for less than $100,000.Eagle Homes is proudly there every step of the way for our customers. We are also available for customers who have completed the initial construction process long after warranties have expired, as one Eagle Homes customer reported on recently.“I built with Eagle Homes about 2 years ago. I called them a couple of months ago regarding my door leaking in the heavy rain, they came out within a week which I was very surprised. They explained to me that it's not covered under the warranty but as a goodwill they will replace it for me. We were very happy with the prompted service that Eagle Homes provided. Again thanks Eagle Homes for the outstanding workmanship,” - 5 November 2015.When choosing a builder for your new home, you can’t afford to get it wrong. You are entrusting them with what will likely be your most expensive outlay, so you need to choose a builder you can trust and who you know will be around long into the future.

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The everyday connectedness of intergenerational living

Intergenerational living is dramatically increasing in popularity as Australia’s rising living pressures, mortgage stress and busy lifestyles call for a different approach to the way we use our spaces. And there’s no reason this can’t be a sustainable and comfortable way to organise a family’s living arrangements when you consider how effective modern home designs can be. Granny flats are a prime example of a home design that can provide added space, privacy, and independence to help facilitate a more family-based lifestyle. By sharing our lives, our homes, and our resources, an intergenerational home can maximise incomes, schedules and land space in order to offer your entire family a better quality of life. Grandparents can be a bigger part of their grandchildren’s lives, easing the burden of work and child care pressures. Young adults can start their own lives and still remain in the family home without sacrificing their privacy or independence. Whatever your family’s situation, intergenerational living makes sense when you consider how hard it is to maintain a home and lifestyle in this modern economy. Eagle Homes recognises the importance of intergenerational living. We have specifically designed a range of homes, including the Crane and the Corella, that feature an attached yet completely independent granny flat as part of the family home. This kind of connected living can bring the closeness we feel over the holidays to everyday life, not to mention more time with those we love and a more practical use of incomes.Eagle Homes provides affordable home alternatives to suit the housing needs of today. We take care in our designs so that space is always maximised and privacy is secured. Building an Eagle Home with an incorporated granny flat can encourage a change of lifestyle for your whole family.Call us here at Eagle Homes today to see how we can secure your new lifestyle.

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The new style of granny flat

Forget every impression you have ever had of the traditional, detached granny flat as seen in backyards across Australia for generations. The new, stylised range of granny flats offered by Eagle Homes revolutionises the way we approach granny flats and their incorporation into the family home. We have developed a range of designs that merge the idea of a granny flat and integrate it as part of the main home. Featuring unique and space-efficient designs, Eagle Homes can build a house and granny flat as a whole, providing a unified appearance and approach to functionality. Choosing an Eagle home with the additional benefits of a granny flat can provide a range of alternatives that may otherwise be unachievable including intergenerational living and extra income.Our homes that feature granny flats have been specifically designed to satisfy a wide range of needs and tastes. Our integrated granny flats are an ideal blend of connected living and self-contained privacy with a range of facades and inclusions to suit a variety of preferences and budgets.

Our key home designs that include a granny flat are the Corella and the Crane. These designs integrate a self-contained and private granny flat into a home’s layout which ultimately minimises the space taken from your block. Depending on your block, this combined layout can accommodate a larger back yard, additional parking and separate access ways. The larger design of the Crane granny flat features 2 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and living room, as well as a private al fresco area. This home is ideal for those who still require a little more space but want to capitalise on the benefits of an independent granny flat lifestyle. The Corella provides extensive features in a more compact design. This design includes 1 bedroom, full bathroom with combined laundry, and a larger L shaped kitchen. This home would be perfect for those who want a low maintenance lifestyle that does not lack in any contemporary comforts. To see what a new home and granny flat design could bring to you and your family, take a look at our granny flat range or call us on (02) 9822 4755 to discuss your options further.

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Wide range of duplex designs

Duplex living is fast-becoming one of the most sought after home styles. The demand for duplex living arises primarily from the intergenerational and cost efficient way in which we now need to utilise our homes. Mortgage costs, work demands and the need for clever investment opportunities have promoted an explosion of duplex homes being built. Families are needing to stay together, and people are needing to maximise the blocks of land they have in order to get the best returns possible. Luckily, the cramped and confining layouts of older style duplexes are a very distant memory with the wide range of designs available at Eagle Homes. Living a duplex lifestyle can provide a cost-effective and integrated alternative without sacrificing modern design features. Our designs can accommodate double garages, wide frontages and back yards by innovatively planning each individual home to utilise all available space efficiently. We also have designs to accommodate a variety of block shapes and sizes enhancing your feeling of a spacious lifestyle. At Eagle Homes, we understand that building two homes at once requires a careful consideration of the needs and preferences of all who are intended to live there. Whether it is an extended family pooling together financial and support resources, or a live-in and investment opportunity, each home needs to be designed to accommodate multiple requirements at the same time. Our duplex and extensive inclusions ranges can satisfy a wide array of tastes, needs and budgets. With a collection of fundamental designs and numerous façade options ranging from traditional to ultra-urbane, the possibilities for your duplex home are abundant.If you are considering living a more integrated lifestyle and reaping the benefits of a duplex home, take a look at our innovative series of designs or visit one of display homes.

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Spotlight on Eagle Homes at South Nowra

South Nowra is situated on the South Coast of NSW in the Shoalhaven region, a place of enormous natural beauty that has some of the best environmental infrastructure in the state. From the sensual curves of the Shoalhaven River and the unforgiving rock faces that hug its shores to the dusty old tracks that snake away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. It’s the type of place where holiday-goers mix with nine-to-fivers in the streets as wakeboarders whizz past canoers on the water. Eagle Homes have two beautiful display homes nestled on the edge of the Worrigee Nature Reserve, an area well known for mountain biking and hiking activities. The Lorikeet Series 1 Modified and Macaw designs are two of Eagle Homes’ best South Coast project homes. As trusted builders in the Greater Sydney region, with over 30 years of experience building high-quality family homes, the Eagle Homes choice as your South Coast home builder is a sound decision. The Eagle Homes Lorikeet and Macaw display homes in South Nowra are the perfect fit for an area with unsurpassable natural beauty, as they allow families to make the most of life – inside and out.A life on the South Coast in an Eagle Homes built project home is one full of outdoor activities and unparalleled natural beauty. Both the Lorikeet and Macaw designs take full advantage of the outdoors with light filled rooms and outdoor areas that can be finely tuned to suit every family. Located just an hour and half from Sydney, a trip to the South Nowra display village may be the first step toward your new lifestyle.

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Soar like an eagle at Gregory Hills

Gregory Hills has quickly cemented itself as one of Sydney’s most sought after locations. The relaxed and peaceful community has been planned around the modern needs of every Australian. Those same needs are at the center of the Eagle Homes Lorikeet S2 home, on display in the Gregory Hills display village. Just think of a Sunkissed Saturday morning, making plans for the day after a world class brekky cooked in the open plan kitchen. Maybe you’re off for a laid back bike ride through the picturesque surrounds that characterise the Gregory Hills landscape, pedaling toward the distant silhouettes of the Blue Mountains. Pull up in one of the many parks that characterise the Gregory Hills community, kick the football or let the kids run free in the jungle gym. As the sun begins making its way west, the bikes are stowed away in the double car garage and the Barbie is heating up out on the al l’ombra outdoor area. This is a lifestyle built around the little things that make life good – activities, entertaining, and convenience. It’s a lifestyle that can be had in Gregory Hills under the roof of an Eagle Home with your family and friends just around the corner. If you haven’t already considered Eagle Homes as your Sydney home builder then it might be time you made the trip to the Gregory Hills display village, which is situated just an hour west of the Sydney CBD.

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Duplex doesn’t mean small to Eagle Homes

Traditional duplex homes meant chopping up a block of land and putting a dual occupancy home side by side with little block left for cars or yard.New modern duplex home designs by Eagle Homes incorporate floor plans that maximise living space but also allow for double garages and wide frontages and back yards.The Magpie duplex home design by Eagle Homes is a perfect example of a modern duplex floor plan. Each home design includes a double garage, four bedrooms and three separate living areas for the family to enjoy.New modern duplex designs from Eagle Homes are challenging what you might think a duplex looks like. Take a look at the wide range of new duplex home designs from Sydney duplex home building experts Eagle Homes

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Can I build a Granny Flat on my block?

If you have the space on your block, a granny flat could be the perfect investment to your pre-existing home. Whether you rent it out under dual occupancy or your kids are getting a bit older but you don’t want to see them go just yet, building a granny flat is a cost effective solution and can boost the value on your property. ARE THERE RULES AROUND BUILDING A GRANNY FLAT IN NSW?As long as your property exceeds 450m2 in size, there is a good possibility that you are eligible to build a granny flat. Planning and Environment NSW have a set of site requirements that can be downloaded as a starting point for your granny flat planningThe below requirements and diagram are taken from this documentSITE REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING A GRANNY FLAT IN NSWLot size: minimum 450 square metresSize of granny flat: maximum 60 square metres (with the floor area measured from the external wall)Additional standards:

Not permitted on environmentally sensitive landHeritage restrictions applyOnce the development is completed only one principal and one secondary dwelling must exist.Once the granny flat is constructed, the lot can’t be subdividedGranny flats are not permitted on strata subdivided lots or in community title schemes.There must not be external alterations to the principal


Granny Flats Site Requirements
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Introducing the Eagle Homes Project Property Developments Division

Although Eagle Homes has only just recently officially launched the Project Property Developments Division, it has been in the property development business for a few years with many projects completed to date.

It makes sense. Why wouldn’t Eagle Homes take its home building and extensive project management skills and experience into our Project Property Developments Division?

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Clever corner block Duplex home designs from Eagle homes

Corner blocks are ideal to build a duplex home on, with different street entries and addresses offering duplex home owners more the feeling of a standalone home than a duplex.

The Rosella duplex home design from Eagle Homes offers spacious 4 bedrooms, double storey duplex homes featuring open plan kitchen and family areas with separate living and dining spaces.

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Granny flats are a clever investment strategy. And no longer just for granny

Adding a granny flat to your property can be a clever investment strategy for home owners wanting to increase the value of their property by adding a second dwelling that can earn rental income. A look at rental prices across Sydney show that rentals for granny flats are at $300 to $700-plus per week.The NSW Government have recognised the value of Granny Flats to help boost supply of affordable rental properties by relaxing rules regarding the construction of secondary dwellings on properties, which means granny flats can now be built in all residential zones in the state. A State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) will cover all local council areas, removing the previously complicated processes and zoning requirements of Local Environmental Plans (LEP)The policy aims to enable granny flats to be approved within 10 days, subject to the requirements set out in the SEPP, such as a maximum floor area of 60m2 and no subdivision. Once the building plans are drawn up, property owners in NSW can lodge the application with a private certifier, rather than going through the entire Development Approval (DA) process with council.Speak to Eagle Homes today about building a granny flat on your property. We can help design and construct your granny flat to comply with Council regulations as well as to suit your land.

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No stamp duty to pay when you extend your home with a granny flat

A recent report by Property Council of Australia has shown that NSW stamp duty costs have risen 749% in 20 years, adding to the housing affordability crisis across Sydney and NSW.Adding a granny flat to your property can be an excellent investment option without paying exorbitant stamp duty on the investment.Granny flat designs from Eagle Homes better resemble small homes over old single roof, flat roof granny flats of previous generations. Featuring open plan kitchens, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, Granny Flats from Eagle Homes are a stylish option to extend the value of your property.

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Why building a duplex is a sound rental property investment

Building a duplex home in Sydney can be a clever investment strategy with Sydney rental prices staying at their highest ever levels in the first quarter 2015.

The latest Domain Group Rental Report shows the median asking price for rent for a house in the NSW capital was a record $520 a week in the first quarter of 2015, unchanged from December and up from $500 a year ago.According to Domain Group senior economist Dr Andrew Wilson, “There are no signs that the investment market is overheating the Sydney market. Prices are growing, but rents are at least holding at record levels.”Many successful full-time property investors tell of their first property being a duplex, living in one while the income from renting the other enabled them to pay off the mortgage quickly and buy a second investment property quickly.You are effectively creating instant property equity by building a duplex home, starting with one block of land and creating two homes with great rental return potential.Eagle Homes are experts in building Duplex homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, North Coast, Cowra, and the South Coast. Eagle Homes work with you to create the ideal floor plan for your block, regardless of if it is for investment or to live.Visit our great range of Duplex designs or contact us today.

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Eagle Homes Granny Flats now available

Granny Flats are a clever property extension, utilising the space you may already have on your property to create a separate residence that could be used for elderly parents, teenagers looking for extra privacy, or as an investment strategy.The flat roof humble granny flat has made way to a range of well-designed innovative granny flats that highlight and feature a range of clever living options so residents don’t feel cramped or like they are living in a box.

Granny flats are an excellent property investment vehicle for savvy home owners or property investors looking to pay off their mortgage and outright own their properties sooner. News released last month has put Sydney rentals for granny flats at between $300 to $700-plus per week.

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What block is best to build a duplex in Sydney?

Building a dual-occupancy duplex in Sydney can be a clever first step into real estate investment and home ownership, giving you a modern brand new home to live in and an investment property in one. However there are council guidelines and property size rules around building a duplex that you should be aware of.Most Councils have a list of development guidelines for building a duplex, this includes minimum lot size, open space requirements, setback measurements etc that will be publicly available for you to review before buying a block and planning your duplex design. These guidelines will include the Floor Space Ratio. This is the ratio of a building’s floor to the size of land that the building sits on, this is regulated to ensure that the scale of the building is appropriate for the size of the block and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Most Councils work on a 0.5 : 1 ratio however you will need to check with your local council for specifics for your area.A duplex design doesn’t just rely on you have a large block where two duplex’s can sit side by side. A long narrow block can also work as you can have the duplex homes one behind the other and a corner block presents you with the opportunity to have the two duplex homes at different addresses. New modern duplex designs from Eagle Homes are challenging what we might think a duplex looks like. Take a look at the wide range of new duplex home designs from Sydney duplex home building experts Eagle Homes.

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Benefits of building with a specialist duplex builder

Eagle Homes have been building duplex homes and duplex investment properties for over 30 years. Well regarded as specialists’ duplex builders, Eagle Homes takes pride in creating a floor plan and layout that maximises your block potential.Getting the right plans for your block depends on the size and shape of the available space. Eagle Homes are duplex builders who are experts in designing creative and innovative duplex developments that will work for you.Dual occupancy, duplex homes are fast becoming a clever option for savvy home owners looking to increase the value of their existing property. By building a duplex, you have the potential to rent the properties out, sell both homes or use one as an income earning property while living in the other.Eagle Homes are expert duplex home builders who will work with you to design the right duplex for your block. To help give you some initial design ideas, here are a range of Eagle Homes duplex plans that are popular for Sydney and surrounds duplex building developments.

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