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New display homes at Oran Park, Sydney’s newest display village

Eagle Homes is pleased to announce the opening of three new display homes on Saturday 3 September at Oran Park. Sydney’s newest display village is located in one of the fastest growing suburbs in Sydney’s South West.

The new display homes feature two brand new designs, the single storey Osprey and the double storey Currawong, which comes complete with an attached granny flat. One of the most popular single storey homes in the Eagle range, the Whimbrel, is also on display.

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Single-Storey Versus Double-Storey: Which is Right for You?

The decision to build your own home comes with many choices like the design of your home, everything from the size of your block to what kind of fixtures you'll have, even down to choosing the colour of your walls. All of these choices are dependent on your own style, creativity, what makes you comfortable and, of course, that it all fits within your budget.

One of the most important decisions a new home buyer will face is whether to choose a single-storey or double-storey home. In most cases this decision can come down to your personal circumstances, your home site, and if there are building height restrictions in your area.

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Beating the Chill: Top 5 Ways to Keep Warm at Home for Less this Winter

If you feel a shiver each time you open your electricity bill, you're likely paying more than you should to heat your house. Even though homes by Eagle Homes are built with top-of-the-range solutions like thorough insulation and efficient heating systems, the winter chill can still be difficult to combat.

Heating your house should not have to cost you the earth. So, what can be done cheaply and quickly to keep your house warm? Make these changes now to keep your home comfortably warm this winter. And, the best part? These tips can help you save money.

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Will council amalgamation affect my Development Application?

In the most comprehensive local government reform in 100 years, NSW saw the amalgamation of several councils on 12 May 2016. 40 local councils disappeared overnight to be replaced by 19 new super councils. Whilst most councillors and senior staff have been dismissed in the councils that have been abolished under the new council amalgamations, the general staff remain in place and therefore so do the fundamental services previously offered.

NSW Government has assured residents that the new councils will continue to provide services such as community development programs, assessing development applications, collecting rubbish and recycling and processing rates, fees and other charges.

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Experiencing your new home

Embarking on the experience of building a new home can be incredibly daunting when faced with the myriad of design, façade and inclusions options available through project home builders. Trying to compare each builder’s services and products can feel like comparing apples with oranges, and with a significant cost difference to match.

So, how can we really know what we want when faced with so many different options? One thing that Eagle Homes recommends is that each person considering building a new home visits our Display Centres to really appreciate their alternatives in real time.

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Securing your future with Eagle Homes

Each home houses a family that is singular and unique in its own right. Some are large, some are complicated, and some need a lot of extra space. But regardless of what your family makeup looks like, you will always find a home design at Eagle Homes that suits all of your needs, both now and in the future.

Modern families are very different to the traditional Australian ‘2.3 children’ model of past generations. The rising pressures of everyday expenses and work commitments coupled with the fierce Australian property market has prompted many families to adopt more inclusive family models out of necessity. As a whole, we also now live and work more globally than ever before but we still want the closeness of home and family as part of our everyday lives. Flexibility and adaptability sees modern families thrive as we start to utilise our spaces in more efficient and mutually beneficial ways by pooling resources, time and commitments.

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Reasons To Build A Duplex with Eagle Homes

Building - or purchasing! - a duplex home is a popular decision amongst prospective buyers. And it's no wonder why when you consider the potential investment gains, gorgeous new designs, and future-proofing for multi-generational living.

If you're still not convinced, here's a handy infographic from the team at Eagle Homes that shows exactly why building a duplex home is a sound strategy for your new home.

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Spotlight on Brolga 6 bedroom homes

Eagle Homes celebrates the diversity of Australian families by offering home floor plans and designs in a wide range of sizes, including the 6 bedroom Brolga family home. The Brolga 6 bedroom double-storey home is a popular choice for families who may have more than the Australian average of 2.4 children, or who simply like a lot of space for friends and family to be able to stay.

Australians choose to live in the world’s largest houses, with an average size of 243 square metres. In fact, the average size of a new Australian house increased from 162.2 square metres to 227.6 square metres between 1984 and 2003.That’s a jump of 40%. The average new Australian home is now even 10% bigger than its US equivalent. 

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Why you need a builder you can trust

The process of building a home can be a complex one for first home builders or even those who have built before. Planning, design, engineer drawings, setbacks, ratios etc. - it’s all part of the process before construction has even started.While there are many steps, it doesn’t have to take over your life and overwhelm you along the way. Eagle Homes works with all our home builders at every step of the process, helping and guiding through any complicated matters from small or narrow blocks, floor plans, council approvals, and even granny flat additions or duplex rebuilds.The demand in the market - especially in Sydney - over the last 12–18 months has seen a slew of new builders pop up in the market with very little experience in building quality family homes.With the market reporting that demand is slowing down, there is a real concern that these same new-to-the-market builders won’t be around in another 12-18 months’ time to honour any warranties or defects on homes they have built. Eagle Homes has been a Sydney home builder for over 30 years. In fact, just last year we celebrated this milestone by releasing the Eagle 30, a 4 bedroom family home that could be built for less than $100,000.Eagle Homes is proudly there every step of the way for our customers. We are also available for customers who have completed the initial construction process long after warranties have expired, as one Eagle Homes customer reported on recently.“I built with Eagle Homes about 2 years ago. I called them a couple of months ago regarding my door leaking in the heavy rain, they came out within a week which I was very surprised. They explained to me that it's not covered under the warranty but as a goodwill they will replace it for me. We were very happy with the prompted service that Eagle Homes provided. Again thanks Eagle Homes for the outstanding workmanship,” - 5 November 2015.When choosing a builder for your new home, you can’t afford to get it wrong. You are entrusting them with what will likely be your most expensive outlay, so you need to choose a builder you can trust and who you know will be around long into the future.

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