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Securing your future with Eagle Homes

Each home houses a family that is singular and unique in its own right. Some are large, some are complicated, and some need a lot of extra space. But regardless of what your family makeup looks like, you will always find a home design at Eagle Homes that suits all of your needs, both now and in the future.

Modern families are very different to the traditional Australian ‘2.3 children’ model of past generations. The rising pressures of everyday expenses and work commitments coupled with the fierce Australian property market has prompted many families to adopt more inclusive family models out of necessity. As a whole, we also now live and work more globally than ever before but we still want the closeness of home and family as part of our everyday lives. Flexibility and adaptability sees modern families thrive as we start to utilise our spaces in more efficient and mutually beneficial ways by pooling resources, time and commitments.

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Living large in a smaller space – could you live in a granny flat?

For many, the image of a granny flat is a rectangular shed style structure hastily constructed in the backyard with little thought to layout or planning. However, modern granny flats designed by Eagle Homes are far from it.Architecturally designed to make the most of open plan, entertainment space, storage, and living quarters, granny flats from Eagle Homes mean you can still live large even in a smaller space. Well-designed and innovative granny flats from Eagle Homes highlight and feature a range of clever living options so residents don’t feel cramped or like they are living in a box. Featuring ensuites, open plan kitchens and room for guests to relax and enjoy, enquire today about the range of granny flat designs from Eagle Homes.

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The everyday connectedness of intergenerational living

Intergenerational living is dramatically increasing in popularity as Australia’s rising living pressures, mortgage stress and busy lifestyles call for a different approach to the way we use our spaces. And there’s no reason this can’t be a sustainable and comfortable way to organise a family’s living arrangements when you consider how effective modern home designs can be. Granny flats are a prime example of a home design that can provide added space, privacy, and independence to help facilitate a more family-based lifestyle. By sharing our lives, our homes, and our resources, an intergenerational home can maximise incomes, schedules and land space in order to offer your entire family a better quality of life. Grandparents can be a bigger part of their grandchildren’s lives, easing the burden of work and child care pressures. Young adults can start their own lives and still remain in the family home without sacrificing their privacy or independence. Whatever your family’s situation, intergenerational living makes sense when you consider how hard it is to maintain a home and lifestyle in this modern economy. Eagle Homes recognises the importance of intergenerational living. We have specifically designed a range of homes, including the Crane and the Corella, that feature an attached yet completely independent granny flat as part of the family home. This kind of connected living can bring the closeness we feel over the holidays to everyday life, not to mention more time with those we love and a more practical use of incomes.Eagle Homes provides affordable home alternatives to suit the housing needs of today. We take care in our designs so that space is always maximised and privacy is secured. Building an Eagle Home with an incorporated granny flat can encourage a change of lifestyle for your whole family.Call us here at Eagle Homes today to see how we can secure your new lifestyle.

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Can I build a Granny Flat on my block?

If you have the space on your block, a granny flat could be the perfect investment to your pre-existing home. Whether you rent it out under dual occupancy or your kids are getting a bit older but you don’t want to see them go just yet, building a granny flat is a cost effective solution and can boost the value on your property. ARE THERE RULES AROUND BUILDING A GRANNY FLAT IN NSW?As long as your property exceeds 450m2 in size, there is a good possibility that you are eligible to build a granny flat. Planning and Environment NSW have a set of site requirements that can be downloaded as a starting point for your granny flat planningThe below requirements and diagram are taken from this documentSITE REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING A GRANNY FLAT IN NSWLot size: minimum 450 square metresSize of granny flat: maximum 60 square metres (with the floor area measured from the external wall)Additional standards:

Not permitted on environmentally sensitive landHeritage restrictions applyOnce the development is completed only one principal and one secondary dwelling must exist.Once the granny flat is constructed, the lot can’t be subdividedGranny flats are not permitted on strata subdivided lots or in community title schemes.There must not be external alterations to the principal


Granny Flats Site Requirements
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Granny flats are a clever investment strategy. And no longer just for granny

Adding a granny flat to your property can be a clever investment strategy for home owners wanting to increase the value of their property by adding a second dwelling that can earn rental income. A look at rental prices across Sydney show that rentals for granny flats are at $300 to $700-plus per week.The NSW Government have recognised the value of Granny Flats to help boost supply of affordable rental properties by relaxing rules regarding the construction of secondary dwellings on properties, which means granny flats can now be built in all residential zones in the state. A State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) will cover all local council areas, removing the previously complicated processes and zoning requirements of Local Environmental Plans (LEP)The policy aims to enable granny flats to be approved within 10 days, subject to the requirements set out in the SEPP, such as a maximum floor area of 60m2 and no subdivision. Once the building plans are drawn up, property owners in NSW can lodge the application with a private certifier, rather than going through the entire Development Approval (DA) process with council.Speak to Eagle Homes today about building a granny flat on your property. We can help design and construct your granny flat to comply with Council regulations as well as to suit your land.

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Eagle Homes Granny Flats now available

Granny Flats are a clever property extension, utilising the space you may already have on your property to create a separate residence that could be used for elderly parents, teenagers looking for extra privacy, or as an investment strategy.The flat roof humble granny flat has made way to a range of well-designed innovative granny flats that highlight and feature a range of clever living options so residents don’t feel cramped or like they are living in a box.

Granny flats are an excellent property investment vehicle for savvy home owners or property investors looking to pay off their mortgage and outright own their properties sooner. News released last month has put Sydney rentals for granny flats at between $300 to $700-plus per week.

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