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Will council amalgamation affect my Development Application?

In the most comprehensive local government reform in 100 years, NSW saw the amalgamation of several councils on 12 May 2016. 40 local councils disappeared overnight to be replaced by 19 new super councils. Whilst most councillors and senior staff have been dismissed in the councils that have been abolished under the new council amalgamations, the general staff remain in place and therefore so do the fundamental services previously offered.

NSW Government has assured residents that the new councils will continue to provide services such as community development programs, assessing development applications, collecting rubbish and recycling and processing rates, fees and other charges.

With this assurance in mind there shouldn't be any negative impact to your development application with the recent local council changes.

If your local Council has been one of the many that has been recently amalgamated and you haven't heard from them regarding your DA or CDC, you could always call them and ask what is next in the process. The team at Eagle Homes will be happy to help with any concerns.

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