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Will building a duplex take longer than a standalone home?

Building a duplex is certainly a clever way to maximise investment opportunity from your block, whether you are building a duplex to live left, rent right or sell or lease them both, it can provide better bang for your buck than building a standalone home.

Duplex home designs are no longer simple side-by-side designs that only fit wide obliging blocks. Instead, duplex home designs from Eagle Homes represent a range of options including corner blocks as well as designs where the homes sit one in front of the other.

To build a duplex, there are certain zoning requirements and restrictions that need to be adhered to, such as minimum area and land width open space requirements, setback measurements etc. that will be publicly available for you to review before buying a block and planning your duplex design.

The rules vary from council to council and you should check what is permissible in your area before going any further. Eagle Homes, expert in building duplex homes in Sydney, is here to help answer your questions around block suitability for a duplex with our wide range of duplex designs.

Once you have settled on a design for your duplex, the actual build and construction time is no longer than that of a standalone home, given all the council requirements and regulations are met.

New modern duplex designs from Eagle Homes are challenging what you might think a duplex looks like. Take a look at the wide range of new duplex home designs from Sydney duplex home building experts Eagle Homes.

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