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Single-Storey Versus Double-Storey: Which is Right for You?

The decision to build your own home comes with many choices like the design of your home, everything from the size of your block to what kind of fixtures you'll have, even down to choosing the colour of your walls. All of these choices are dependent on your own style, creativity, what makes you comfortable and, of course, that it all fits within your budget.

One of the most important decisions a new home buyer will face is whether to choose a single-storey or double-storey home. In most cases this decision can come down to your personal circumstances, your home site, and if there are building height restrictions in your area.

Eagle Homes are builders of single-storey and double-storey homes, and have a range of home designs and options for you to choose from that accommodate those personal touches that truly make your house your home. Designs from Eagle Homes can suit all blocks from very narrow urban blocks to homestead-style rural properties. But the question is, which is right for you?

How do you decide whether a single-storey house is a better investment than a double-storey home?

While most of us love the idea of a two-storey 'mansion', there are benefits and drawbacks from both. We take a close look at both possibilities and the factors affecting your overall decision.

Double-Storey, NOT Double the Price

Most people begin the journey of building their home with the belief that a double-storey home must be more expensive because it is bigger but that's not necessarily true. Although the construction costs of double-storey homes are normally 10-15% higher, they can still be built on smaller and more affordable blocks that fit within your budget. It's similar with single-storey homes; you can easily spend more on a single-storey home just by building a larger home on a more expensive block.

Design the Home for Your Lifestyle

As with any investment decision, it's important to consider both your immediate plans and your future. Often the things you require in a home now may differ in a few years' time, so thankfully Eagle Homes is flexible when it comes to your home planning. For instance, have you got children, or expecting? Have your children already grown up, or moved out? Families with teenagers may opt to have bedrooms on two floors that can allow for more separation. And if having children is not on the cards, then perhaps choosing a double-storey house for spacious entertaining or hobbies may be your thing. And, of course, if the block you're building on has spectacular views, then a second storey may be essential to fully enjoy the view.

On the other hand, if you have a small family, or you're a couple, or retired, then a single-storey home may be a more suitable option.

A single-storey home may be a good choice for those who'd prefer to accommodate themselves in adequate space on one level especially if you consider trekking up and down stairs just to fetch a glass of water to be a nuisance. Plus, bear a thought on your age, not just today but in the future. As we get older, tackling those stairs can get harder. Then there's also the furniture to consider; are some pieces impossible to move into a double-storey house?

While you're factoring in all these considerations, it helps to make a list of your needs and wants, then speak to one of our consultants at Eagle Homes to see what better fits in with your plans, needs, and lifestyle. If you're unsure, or if you've made up your mind about what size home you want, then why not visit one of Eagle Homes display centres, or check out our home designs.

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