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Each home houses a family that is singular and unique in its own right. Some are large, some are complicated, and some need a lot of extra space. But regardless of what your family makeup looks like, you will always find a home design at Eagle Homes that suits all of your needs, both now and in the future.

Modern families are very different to the traditional Australian ‘2.3 children’ model of past generations. The rising pressures of everyday expenses and work commitments coupled with the fierce Australian property market has prompted many families to adopt more inclusive family models out of necessity. As a whole, we also now live and work more globally than ever before but we still want the closeness of home and family as part of our everyday lives. Flexibility and adaptability sees modern families thrive as we start to utilise our spaces in more efficient and mutually beneficial ways by pooling resources, time and commitments.

The Eagle Homes’ range of designs can cater to large, intergenerational families with our range of homes that include well-designed spaces and self-contained granny flats. These individual and flexible spaces can be used to accommodate visitors comfortably in their own private quarters, perhaps for longer stays when visiting internationally. Or they can expand a family even further to include permanent, live-in grandparents or extended family.

Not only do Eagle Homes’ designs cater to the climate that modern families live in, but we also design for the modern family’s comfort, style and enjoyment. Depending on your choice of home, Eagle Homes’ designs can feature theatre rooms, games rooms, rumpus rooms and outdoor entertaining areas. So no matter how your family likes to relax and enjoy each other’s company, there will always be an Eagle Homes design to suit.

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