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Making The Most Of Display Centres: What To Look Out For?

Osprey Facade at Oran Park Display Village

So, you’re looking for a new home… Lifestyle, look and feel, floor plan, features, street appeal, design elements, the wow factor. There is so much to think about when you’re looking to build the perfect home.  The best place to start is at an Eagle Homes display centre so that you can see the very latest trends in building and interior design.

Here are some guidelines when planning a visit to our display centres…

1: Plan it out

Before you start searching for a new home, it’s important to have an idea of what you want to achieve. A good start is to check out a few different display centres as the builder will often have unique designs and features in each one to showcase the various elements for different markets. Eagle Homes have SIX Homes display centres with more opening, and each one is very different.

2: Take your time

Spending a few weekends visiting home displays to work out what you want is important. Remember, this is your new home and lifestyle we are talking about. Do your research, investigate your options, write everything down, and have your wish list of features.

3: Take a break

Searching through display centres can be tiring, not only for you but your family. You’ll need to re-energise and give the kids a break. Oftentimes at our display villages there are parks or family areas. Why not take a break with a picnic? It’s also a good way to experience the area that may become your new community.

4: Make revisions to your plan

Now that you’ve experienced a number of display homes, taking in the features, and picturing what your new home could be like, it’s time to revise your needs and wants based on all the brochures, notes and photos you’ve collected.

5: Visit again

Going back to the display homes to clarify design and features is a good idea. And arranging an appointment with one of our Eagle Homes consultants to discuss how we can customise one of our home designs to suit your lifestyle.

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