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Land Developers Supporting Duplex Homes With Blocks Designed For Duplex

b2ap3 thumbnail Land Developers Supporting Duplex Homes

Smart land developers across Sydney are realising the increasing interest in building duplex homes from both first home buyers and those more experienced in the property market and are offering land perfectly suited for duplex building in Sydney.

Dual occupancy or duplex building is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer for savvy home owners looking to increase the value of their existing property. By building a duplex, you have the potential to rent the properties out, sell both homes or use one as an income earning property while living in the other.

So what is the perfect dual occupancy / duplex block to build on?

To build a dual occupancy home, there are development guidelines which includes minimum lot size, open space requirements, setback measurements etc. This may vary from Council to Council to make sure you check with your local council before going ahead.

A duplex design doesn’t just rely on you have a large block where two duplexes can sit side by side. A long narrow block can also work as you can have the duplex homes one behind the other and a corner block presents you with the opportunity to have the two duplex homes at different addresses.

Eagle Homes are experts in building Duplex homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, North Coast, Cowra, and the South Coast. Eagle Homes work with you and developers to create the ideal floor plan for your block.

Visit our great range of duplex designs or contact us today.

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