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Be surprised with our Granny Flat Display Home at Middleton Grange

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Eagle Homes has recently opened three new display homes at Middleton Grange, and the Corella with its granny flat has been one of the most popular to visit since opening. Like all Eagle Homes granny flats, the Corella is a well-designed, innovative attached residence that features a range of clever and spacious living options.

Although granny flats have been popular for a few years, especially since council made it easier and quicker to get approval, many people are yet to discover how versatile and comfortable they are to live in.

That is why we specifically included the Corella with the granny flat in our new display village so people can be genuinely surprised at how spacious and modern the design is.

Well-designed and innovative Eagle Homes granny flats highlight and feature a range of clever living options so residents don’t necessarily think they are living in a granny flat. They are architecturally designed to make the most of open plan, living and entertaining spaces and have added storage.

Recent news reports have heralded the renaissance of granny flats and perhaps the stigma traditionally associated with granny flats is doing this new range of home designs an injustice.

“No longer regarded as just a quick, budget solution to housing your ageing relatives, granny flat-living is having a bit of a renaissance.

State governments are becoming more open to the building and use of granny flats — the New South Wales government overhauled its regulation regarding granny flats in 2009, as an example — and the designs are becoming smarter, more modern and more liveable too. So much so, that granny flats perhaps shouldn’t even be labelled “granny” anymore.” 1

Speak to Eagle Homes today about building a granny flat on your property. We can help design and construct your granny flat to suit your land and comply with Council regulations. If you are unsure if your property can accommodate a granny flat, we have put together a guide to some of the rules you need to be aware of.

Established home builder Eagle Homes, has been building new family homes in Sydney for over 30 years, with display homes located Gregory Hills, Jordan Springs, Gledswood Hills, Oran Park and now Middleton Grange, we’d love you to come visit us.

Our new display homes including the Corella with Granny Flat are located on the corner of Fifteenth Avenue and Kingsford Smith Avenue, Middleton Grange.

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